Friday, August 30, 2013

Art Paw Etsy Sale

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Well we are going into the last very hot "dog days" of summer here in Texas. If you want to try out Art Paw's portrait services with a smaller size than what we offer on our main website you can do that at Etsy and save 15% on our special 8 x 8 stretched canvas custom pet portrait. I only offer that size at Etsy because, well I just do not make much money on it. Etsy typically has a younger audience and it is very much a community of artists selling to other artists often.  With that in mind I created a tiny print size at a budget price. I only offer the 8 x 8 prints occasionally so buy now if you want to take advantage of this great sale.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun Friday on Etsy

Today I posted some fun sketches to my Snobby Robot Shop. I am going to try hard to get into the practice of posting something fun on Friday to one of my Etsy shops. The goal is for it to be recent original work. Thursday night I played around doing a few robot drawings that I created based off of some of my ceramic work. 

"Neon Robot"purchase at Etsy $23
work table

"Robot Drawing sketch"
purchase at Etsy $23
This is the clay robot sculpture that I based the drawings on

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Art Paw Studio News

Lola & Ajax
Well it is with a heavy heart that I have to announce we will be losing Lola this next month. She is leaving Texas to go back to Kansas City where she got her degree. She will be doing some work on a film and after that I don't think she knows what will come next, but she is young and I know she will figure it out. We will all miss her so much. Our terriers adore her and of course I depend on her a lot for her terrific skills and attention to detail. I am sure she has great things ahead of her and I only want the best for her.  We just all really love her around here.

And so now ... Getting a Jump on the Holidays!
Well I counted this morning and I have 50 working days until November. That means 50 days to get organized and do everything I can to make sure the holidays go smoothly here at Art Paw.

So what do I need to work on ... I have broken it down into 4 categories and I am making a long to-do-list and placing an initial next to each item to indicate which category it falls into.  The things that need my attention are: Technology issues, Web site updates, Organization, and Marketing.

Every morning I will wake up and ask myself what can I do today to help get ready for the holiday rush? If nothing comes to mind quickly then I will grab the list and see what needs to be worked on. I love making physical handwritten lists, something about pen to paper makes it a commitment for me. I also enjoy finding those lists and notebook years from now, and going oh, yes I did that and that and that ... hmmmm still need to do X Y and Z.

Making my list and checking it twice
Yes the Diet Coke helps me think

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Many new Pet Portraits

So what is the best way to create new business and make sure that portrait orders slam in to your in-box? Go on a 2 week vacation. I had a lot of orders come in while we were in Alaska. I use to freak out that business can stack up just a tiny little bit when I am not around and now I realize that a watched pot never boils and it is ok to actually step away and let a few orders slip in while I am gone.  Lola was out last week so I had all week to myself so I could focus on new projects and today she is back and we are shipping out around 7 projects. Life is very good and I am getting back into the swing of things. I have not had any time to work on any non-commissioned art projects just for myself lately, but that is ok. I am really enjoying my day job these days, and I am eager to work on more pet portraits. The holidays are just around the corner, time to gear up.
Here are my most recent projects ....

© rebecca collins /

© rebecca collins /

"Allie & Sophie"
© rebecca collins /

© rebecca collins /

© rebecca collins /

© rebecca collins /

© rebecca collins /

Monday, August 05, 2013

Mosaic Monday/ Alaska

I have been on vacation in Alaska for 14 days ... the longest vacation I have ever taken in my entire life. It went really fast though, and we had tons of fun. It was very hard to be away from  my business for that long. I had a handful of orders come in while I was away and I am jumping on organizing those today. I am taking 2 entire days to just get caught up with communication and then I will start working on Pet Portraits this Wednesday. I am full of inspiration and ideas for new art.

Alaska ... wow, it was just as beautiful as everyone says. I searched high and low for mosaics to shoot and only found a few. I will post those here today along with a few other shots of cool art.  I have tons of scenic shots that need to be edited and sorted. Going to try and compile those into a brief movie. This was a trip of a lifetime.

Mosaic Octopus
Ketchikan Alaska
Owl Mosaic
Anchorage Museum of Art

Owl Mosaic Detail
Anchorage Museum of Art
Seattle Airport
Mosaic of light and Plastic

Seattle Airport
Mosaic of light and Plastic Detail
Ketchikan Alaska
Totem Pole
Ketchikan Alaska
Seattle Mural
If you have sent me an e-mail in the last 2 weeks, I will be getting in touch with you soon. You can also reach me by phone this week M-F 10:30 - 5:30 p.m.  (214-321-1150).