Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bolos' human is 100% joyed

Wow, what a month. I am totally exhausted and worn out today. I got a lovely e-mail just now from Bolo's human ( she just received her artwork). She had some nice praise and she stated that she is 100% joyed. I love that ... "100% joyed". I may have to write that on a post-it note and tack it to my monitor.

A lot of my clients should be receiving their portraits very soon. All of November's remaining approved work is shipping tomorrow. YAY! Happy Dance! I am taking the girls out to lunch tomorrow and we are going to celebrate being "almost done". I have a few local folks to take care of and a few folks that ordered past the deadline that we will try to get proofed by the 23rd. If all goes as planned I will be done by the 20th and I can start my own holiday shopping.


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