Friday, December 01, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Ok it is official ... we are swamped with orders. We moved today from on-line web-proofing to e-mail proofs to speed up the process and move the artwork through quicker. Hopefully towards the end of the month Allison will have some time to get all our new holiday clients on-line so their pet-pals can see their proof pages.

I'm posting a fun Master Paw Print that we worked on today. This is Norman the kitty in a Renoir. Diane did a great job on this one. You can not really see all the great blending she did from this small web image that I am posting. I love how the little girl has the same color hair as the kitty.

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Anonymous said...

You guys did such a great job on this for me! Thank you, Diane, for all of your hard work! And thank you for such a smooth transaction, Rebecca.

Tara :)