Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Floyd wants a biscuit"

In this art piece I decided to leave in the checker board tile floor so that I could enhance the fun angle this was shot at. I rotated Floyd's head so that he really has that "give me a treat" expression. All of the pet portrait work I do at Art Paw is created one at a time, with no magic formulas, and so decisions such as whether or not to leave in the background are always made on an individual basis depending on the photo in front of me. This client probably had no idea how cool her kitchen floor might end up looking on this piece. We combined a favorite background texture with the colorized floor to give it a much richer look. In the final version we will be cropping in a little closer to his face and changing the orange color to a deep red. This portrait was commissioned as a Birthday gift. Happy Birthday to Floyd's human!

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