Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mercy's Memorial

This morning I joined my assistant Allison and her Father in attending the public memorial service for a very special pup that Dallas residents have probably heard about by now. Mercy was the victim of a horrible animal abuse incident. After being set on fire and abandoned she was found by a good Samaritan and ended up in the hands of Operation Kindness, a terrific no-kill shelter. She received treatment and her caregivers were very hopeful that she might make it, but she passed to the rainbow bridge on Sunday evening April 23.

The turn out was amazing for this special service for Mercy and as I stood and listened to the different speakers there were sobs all around me, and I even saw a few grown men wiping their eyes. As outraged as we may all be by such evil acts we must pause and take some comfort in the knowledge that there are so many more good and decent people in the world than there are bad. It was an amazing thing to be around so many wonderful animal lovers mourning the loss of one ... mourning the loss of one sweet girl that they never even met. I am very grateful to Allison's Dad who asked her to take a break from work and join him for this special service.

Please visit Operation Kindness and read about Mercy's story. Her medical bills were quickly covered by the generous donations of hundreds of caring citizens, however you can still make a memorial donation in her name to help others animals that are in need.

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