Friday, May 25, 2007

I am 45 today

(above) I am the little girl in the middle with the 50 cent Toll sign .... ha always the entrepreneur. I was 7 here in this photo. It was November in Texas and we were running around with our shoes off. The two kids to the left are cousins and the boy to the right my brother.
(above) I was 2 here.

Where have the years gone? I am 45 years "young" today, I guess that is like saying the glass is half full. I am glad to be here. I am glad to be here.


Linda O'Neill said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBECCA!!! YOU have the same b-day as my dad...who turned 76 this year.

And listen...I still have four years on you so that should make you feel better!:)

Hope you had a wonderful day.

BeLoved.... said...

coming out of lurk mode to wish you a happy birthday. may you have a wonderul and fulfilling year.

Jill Beninato said...

Happy belated birthday! 45 sounds like a good number to me...I hope you have a magical 45th year!

Jimmy said...

The "50 cent" photo is so cute. There's just something so wonderful about looking at old photos that portray a sense of youth and innocence.

Saw you on flickr and it led me here. Love your art work on dogs!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!! You're still a youg lady!!! :)