Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beetle Mosaic Ideas

Started on the design work for a new bug mosaic this weekend. I do not know why, but I got this idea to use maps & bugs together. Like maybe it is a traveling beetle or something? Heck I really dunno? So anyway, this is the ground for my next piece, once I finish the two bugs that I am working on right now I will start on this violet guy. As a mosaic he will of course loose a lot of this detail. I think the map will be fun peeking through the stain glass. I dodged or lighten the area under the "fig. 4 Bug" because I really like that as a title and main text element on the pieces I started last week.

About the ideas?
I just love it when artists can go on & on about the meaning of their work and what a particular series is all about on a conceptual level. Unfortunately I have never been that sort of artist. I combine images and colors that tickle me, it really is that simple. I find inspiration in all sorts of ephemera. For my mosaic work I enjoy finding subject matter that is, well not so warm & cuddly. Don't get me wrong, I adore my day job and I am the luckiest woman on the planet to get to create pet art for a living, but creepy crawlers and squid really amuse me and speak to the child within. So anyway, that is my art-speak for the day ... not too horribly complex.

You can see most of my Mosaics at Flickr.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
oh i just love him! the map is perfect. it totally works!
cannot wait to see him as a mosaic.
have a great day!

Cathy said...

Hi Rebecca - many thanks for your review on my blog. It was a lovely surprise. Thanks also for the nice comments. I do love colour and pattern and design and I like to find other great artists to share. Love the dogblog. Your digital art is amazing and I stand back in awe at the technique. Mine is just colouring between the I love the gorgeous colours of the bug. I will check back to see how you are getting on. The mosaics are great btw. I have lots of mosaic books but just for looking at the drooling over.