Monday, May 18, 2009

Mosaic Monday New Artist

From Sun Dog Mosaics over at Flickr
Look at the eyes on this Chihuahua!

From Sun Dog Mosaics over at Flickr
The text above is exquisite. Love the grey spots on the coat too.

From Sun Dog Mosaics over at Flickr
Turning that 2nd "o" into a halo is very clever. Great Boston Terrier art!

From Sun Dog Mosaics over at Flickr
I think the Basset Hound above is one of her best pieces, the movement in the fabric is so stunning. The eyes are amazing too. She even got the pink on the droopy under the eye part just right. This amount of detail in mosaics is always fun to see.

I love this gal's artwork. Her domain seems to be expired for some reason, but I was able to view her site via the wayback machine and discovered that this talented woman is Donna Van Hooser, and she worked for 20 years at Hallmark designing cards for kids. Donna is an animal lover that has been making mosaics for the past 18 years. Check Sun Dog Mosaics out at Flickr!



I LOVE her stuff! Very inspiring. Thanks for introducing her to us!

Rebecca said...

Hi Christine. Thanks for stopping. Yea she is amazing. I really want to buy her work. She says she is working on a new site.

Manon Doyle said...

I saw her work online many years ago and I thought it was fabulous then and still do! The Basset is excellent but that Boston is so darn cute also! : )

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
oh these are amazing! thank you for sharing them!

how did your mosaic art show go?
i was thinking of you!