Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend!

Below is a cute poem my husband wrote for Ajax.  He did this for one of his writing groups over  at the Gather community. He rarely rhymes in his poetry and so this is a lot of fun, and very appropriate somehow for our little time keeper Ajax....  Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Ajax, he’s sure a good boy,
ever in need of a toy.
A dog on the run,
he’ll steal one for fun
and if you can catch him, play coy

That little dog lets me know
whenever its time to go.
For food or a walk
he damn near can talk;
but the damage is to ankle and toe

At night he sleeps on my head
yes, he knows when its time for bed.
If I’m up too long,
he’ll sing me a song
and leave all the pillows in shreds.
- Dan Collins


AutumnLeaves said...

Ajax isn't looking too sure of that collar! LOL He's gorgeous and love daddy's fun poem!!

Sheila Finkelstein said...

Happy Easter. Dog photos are precious and love Dan's poem.

It's been a while since I've visited your blog. First time I'm seeing your new look/design. It looks great! I am always in awe of your multi-talents.

To continuing great and expanding creations.