Monday, September 13, 2010

Mosaic Monday / Tons of Stuff Happening!

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Yesterday I went up to the Creative arts Center to photograph some works in progress by some of my classmates for a promo-video I want to create, more on that below. When I arrived, my teacher handed me a postcard for the upcoming member's show, I was shocked and honored to find that they used my piece for the postcard invitation, yay for Bubo the bot! So today I have to try to get a  handful in the mail. The show opens this Thursday Sept 16th.
Third Space
"Art And The City"
Sept. 16th- October 2nd
1608 C Main Street
Dallas Texas 75215

I have started a new blog for a Mosaic Art Card Swap that I initiated. You can find that at:
I am swapping 3.5 x 2.5 mosaic art cards with both classmates and cyber pals. Our first swap theme is Day of The Dead. I have a handful of people enlisted that are excited about this tiny mosaic art swap  project.
And last but certainly not least I have to tell you about an exciting project some of my classmates are taking part in. Katrina Doran taught a class this past year on creating 3-d armatures and her students are finishing up huge flowers that will be on display at the State Fair of Texas this year. I did not join in the fun because I am just not ready to work in 3-d yet and working against a deadline like these ambitious mosaic artists have done would have driven me crazy. I am so proud and in awe of everyone involved in this and can not wait to see all of the flowers together in the gardens. Later this week I will try to finish a quick little promo video I am working on to promote this really cool local mosaic project. For now go on over to Katrina's blog to check out a great preview of just a small sampling of the works that will be out at the State Fair from Sept 24th - Oct.17th.

Hibiscus by Patricia VanBuskirk
Hibiscus by Jessica Smith
 Lily by Peggy Breedlove


cbmosaics said...

Congrats on being featured on the card! If you have any extras, you can send one my way, hehe

Jennifer Seward said...

This is so beautiful...Just starting my own Hibiscus mosaic...a tiny one compared to this!

Jennifer Seward said...

This is so beautiful...Just starting my own Hibiscus mosaic...tiny compared to this!