Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pet Photography Tips: Multiple Pets

Here at Art Paw I can create one single canvas portrait of multiple pets and they do not have to be in the same photograph for me to place them together. With that said, it is very important that the photos sent in work well together. Many people understand this and yet too often people think any 2 photos will do the trick.  Below I am going to post good and bad examples of pups that could be added to a single project. In reality only one doggy duo is for an actual client project. The other images were taken from a stock photo site and yet they are good "bad" examples of the types of pics people do send us.
BAD COMBO #1 ( above)
The pup to the left was shot at eye level, while the pup to the right was shot from above, this will look goofy once I erase the background and add them to the same layout.

BAD COMBO #2 ( above)
The pup to the left is lounging and the pup to the right is working out, these shots would be very hard to combine in a portrait that would make any sense.

GOOD COMBO #1 ( above)
Beemer and Oscar are both lounging and shot at eye level, they are even lounging like perfect bookends. These photos will work great together in one portrait layout.

GOOD COMBO #2 ( above)
Beemer and Oscar are both lounging here and yet sitting up slightly. These images are going to work great in one layout. These pups are for a new commission and I can not wait to get started on it. Not only are the poses great the original images sent over are high in resolution ... a double bonus!

Photo Tips for when you can shoot for your project:
• Shoot your pets in similar poses. 
• If possible shoot in similar lighting ( not 100% necessary)
• Shoot your pets on the same day and review your photos to check for consistency

*Often we are working with images of pets that have passed and in these cases we just want the very best well focused images we can get. I always do my best to work with any images sent in. The guidelines here are for people that have the ability to shoot new photographs for their project.

We are starting to get holiday orders in and now is the time to think about Christmas! I will be adding new photo tips to the blog each week, so check back.

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