Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet Jaxon

"Jaxon ( see all proofs)
© rebecca collins / artpaw.com
This little guy will be shipping out on Thursday. I am at my desk today trying to get caught up. Wow it was just one week ago that I was pushing hard to get a lot of shipping out so I could leave town. I will spend most of the day weeding through e-mails to see what projects may have slipped through the cracks last week.  I do appreciate everybody's patience. Your portrait projects are very important to me.

Whenever I leave town for business or pleasure, it always puts me behind.  For my first 8 or 9 years in business I never went anywhere, and pretty much worked 6 days a week every single month. I worked like a dog, and it paid off. At some point I decided that I had to start having a life. I still work hard, but I do try to find a balance. If you have ordered in the last week or so, I will be touching base soon with a project update.  If you ordered earlier in the month and are waiting on design changes those will happen this week.  Stay tuned for more dog art posts soon!


Mary said...

Wow! That's so cute, sweet indeed. The colors are so vibrant and crisp.

Anonymous said...

This portrait has so much character! Youve managed to capture such a good look on this dogs face!
Nicola x

dog fence said...

Hung the portrait of the rabbit house, put a puppy computer desktop camera, the desk came alive again in a little gold pig piggy bank, I ask from a feng shui perspective, there is nothing wrong?

dog containment systems said...

i got a portrait of my loving puppy... nice one you got too.