Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter To All

Wishing all of you guys a terrific Easter. The truth is that we are not terribly religious at my house, but I do love Easter and I love spring. For me I am reminded of childhood memories and all of the fun and silly things that American consumerism brings to the holiday.... Easter dresses and egg hunts and all of that pastel hued goodness.  I remember picking roses at my Gan Gan's house on Easter Sunday.  Since I am not a person of traditional faith you may think that I will be missing out on the big important messages that so many will rise early to hear tomorrow and yet I will be spending the day off-line with my family & friends  and I will be celebrating spring and celebrating new beginnings.  I hope you get to enjoy the holiday exactly how you want to as well!

"Big Tommy"
© rebecca collins
© rebecca collins


Flea said...

Oh my goodness. What GORGEOUS dogs.

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks:) they were my babies, both Good Boys.

Hailey said...

i love your dogs! i dressed my maltipoo and chi in tutus for easter! they were the life of the party.