Monday, March 17, 2014

Mosaic Monday / Xerces Blue Beta An Artificial Pollinator

Xerces Blue Beta / An Artificial Pollinator
Work In Progress
© rebecca collins

Well I am working on my Salon piece for the Sama convention in late April. For over a year I have wanted to do a mechanical looking Robot Butterfly and I have finally started on one. I did a few hours of research on-line before starting this project and my surfing really drove a lot of choices on this piece. I knew before I started that I wanted to create more than just a pretty mosaic butterfly since there are so many wonderful ones out there already. I wanted something edgier and when I discovered that scientists are creating artificial pollinators I knew that I had not only a title for my piece but possibly the beginning of an entire series. I want to create beautiful objects that draw the viewer closer and then surprise them with my materials and the layered ideas and messages.

You can see more of this project and hear my thoughts on it by watching the video below.

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