Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Filling The Well / Finding Inspiration

Artists have to take time to fill the "inspiration well" and to do this we have to take vacations, go to galleries, read books and sometimes unplug from the web. Last week I got to do just that. I went to Gulf Shores Alabama with my family and had the best time. In the pics my husband took of me I look like a totally different person, I guess on vacation I am a different person.

Last night I started teaching again up at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. I am teaching mixed media mosaics. This morning on my dog walk I found some cool metal bits that I can add to my box of found objects for future projects.  My students always inspire me and I learn so much when I am teaching. 
Rusty Found Objects

I find inspiration from my Peers!
Last but not least I have to post a fun pic from Monday night of a couple of my mosaic pals. Gila Rayberg was in town teaching last week and Barbara Dybala was hosting her for a few days. Barb invited me out for Gila's last evening in town. I have been following Gila's work for years, I think we first bumped into each other over on Flickr. She was so warm and so much fun. The evening was just way too short.  After dinner we had coffee at Barbara's magical mosaic compound in Rockwall. I came home with a dozen duck eggs and a smile on my face, ( Barbara & David raise ducks).

Barbara Dybala, Gila Rayberg, Rebecca Collins
Mosaic Mural by Barbara Dybala
Dan Collins, David Dybala
Mosaic Mural by Barbara Dybala


Debra said...

Rebecca, I just want to say that you are an inspiration to me. I'm first stumbled on your blog because I was looking for something to do with mosaics and came upon your Mosaic Monday pages. I have followed Art Paw and your mosaic work with great interest ever since. Love your work! I enjoy all your blog posts, but particularly remember the ones about working in a series and an artist lives here. I have been creating mosaics for several years, but have recently retired from my "day job" and hope to spend a lot more time in my studio . I just wish I lived in Dallas so I could take a class with you!

Gila Rayberg said...

So delighted to have met you... & just after returning from WHERE I LIVE!!! I enjoyed every moment hanging with all of you.... Twas delicious, silly, & inspirational!

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Gila! So funny how paths cross and how geography can sometimes just be an illusion. It was so fun getting to meet you. I am sure we will meet again.