Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Year of the dog

Wow, 06 and it is year of the dog. Time to get back to blogging. The holiday season was amazing. Not only did we do over 100 portraits this last Christmas I also got to meet quite a few clients, even a few from out of town. I did not sleep much in December, and my own pups had a few less romps at the lake, although they did get their 2 walk-a-day routine every single day. All in all we had a lovely holiday.

I have tons of creative ideas for the new year and so little time to attack them all. I am planning to blog more, and to start discussing process more since my tech savy clients seem very interested in how we do what we do. I just spent some time updating our Mascott area to finally introduce our new Scottie dogs. After loosing two pups in 05 it was tough to even think about writing in the Mascot section. Fortunately, I was able to pass the buck, and Dan actually updated all the doggy bios for me. Check out our new kids: Mascotties

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