Thursday, September 07, 2006

Habits and Routines

Too often we think of our routines as boring, and habits as things to break. My dogs have taught me to look at routines with a unique perspective I never had when I was younger. Every little daily ritual is celebrated by our Scotties as though it may never come again. They never grow bored with their walks and they never get tired of the same old meal each night.

Lately I have been working on developing habits and routines that feed the soul so to speak. Like half of America I am trying to develop a habit of going to the gym a few times a week. That is going ok and I feel a little healthier. My favorite new routine is to spend one morning a week at our local arboretum garden center. I am taking the laptop and working on one pet portrait in an environment that is overflowing with life and it's own little eco-system. This routine gets me out of my studio and allows me to refresh and work at a slower pace, away from the phone and the constant distractions that seem to characterize any successful business. What type of mini-breaks can you work into your work week that will refresh your spirit and break up your normal routine?

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