Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Pixel Chiffon Pie

© Kathy Weller

Portrait artist and illustrator Kathy Weller finished her artwork of my Pixel over the weekend and it looks so great. Our little scottie girl is at that good versus evil, or "id at war with the ego" stage of development. One minute she is an angel and the next she is the devil. Kathy created a fun portrait that captures both sides of her personality. Check out her "What's Cookin Page" to see more. I love the color scheme and the flames on the devil side. I know this piece of art will always make us smile especially once our little girl grows up and becomes a civilized and mature Scott. I am often surprised by how many people commission custom portraits of their wee puppies, but you know it really does make sense to capture them at this unique stage. We send many thanks, wags & sniffs to Kathy for a great piece of art.

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