Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2 New Painterly Dog Portraits


Today we uploaded 2 new painterly projects. Rusty and Tupelo are two terrific big dogs with strong lines and pretty eyes. I am very close to being caught up for the first time all year. Yay for me. We only have a few portraits in-house to start from scratch.


And Now For Something Completely Different ...
Other Dog Art Stuff In The News:

A British performance artist and Yoko Ono have eaten a Corgi dog in public to protest the Royal family's love for Fox hunting. This seems a bit extreme to me. I have a hard time believing this person could really be a sincere animal advocate.
Read more on this story here.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE these Paintings of Tupelo & Rusty! Wonderful in Interpreting Their natural Personalities! Your Choice of Colours really brings their sweetness to Life! Thank You for sharing Your amazing Talent with the rest of Us! I've had many dogs & loved them All! And am an In-The-Closet Painter, lol! Love This Too! L. Preston & Lil Dommi*