Thursday, June 07, 2007

Miniature Schnauzer Dog Art

"Skye with Bone"

Yesterday I talked about American Bulldogs, today I want to talk about Mini Schnauzers and my most recent Aussie client Skye. Skye looks adorable chewing on that tasty bone. This commission is a surprise Birthday gift portrait for Skye's Dad. He will get to choose his favorite proof to be printed. This portrait is a good example of how a special candid photograph can turn out really great as a painterly style portrait.

I have not had the opportunity to create very many Schnauzer portraits in the past 9 years however I have done a few Mini Schnauzuers that I am quite proud of. Last month I worked on Micah ( see below)
"Mod Micah"

My first Mini Schanuzer was a local Dallas pup named Fannie, and she was a real cutie pie.
"Fannie on Green"
I love this breed. Of course as a Scottie person I am fond of any pup with shaggy eyebrows and a beard. I see the Mini Schnauzers as sort of a less serious version of the larger breed. They just look like little wind-up toys, and I love their playful faces.


Kathy Weller said...

Great ones!!! Cue pooches!!

Abby Creek Art said...'re blowing me away here! All three of these are just gorgeous, Rebecca. The "Skye with Bone" really cracked me up too. What a character! Beautiful work as always.

Schnauzer Mom said...

Very cute!