Monday, August 13, 2007

Charlie the King Charles Spaniel

Last week I finalized a proof on Charlie, a sweet King Charles Spaniel. I feel like I am behind on orders however in reality most projects are flowing well and everyone seems to be getting their proofs in a timely fashion. I think it is the batch of updates to do that has me feeling overwhelmed today. I will get to them all soon. On a positive note, I am starting to interview for the holidays. It is time to staff up around here.

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cowbelly said...

This is beautiful Rebecca, I love how you really captured the light on the pup and the colors are yummy. I want to play with Charlie's sweet little lip. :-)

When it comes to art commissions, I think the constant feeling of being behind (even when not) is due to the fact that they never end, lol! ;-)

Jamie 'Cowbelly'