Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Marketing Tip Link From How

Don't have time to market yourself? Read this great little article by Ilise Benun called "Mark Your Calendar". It is geared towards graphic designers however the advice can be modified for your own personal needs.
There is even a pdf calendar for 08 that you can download for free. This was found through my How newsletter. "How" is an incredible design magazine that I have been following for years. You can order it through Amazon or just follow the magazine on-line.

I will be posting more dog artwork later this week. I have been in a real blogging slump for a few days, posting mostly references to other sites and artists. Below is a wacom sketch of a frog I did last year. I decided to post this today in honor of all the poor froggies that our Scottie-Girl Pixel has been terrorizing in my backyard this summer.


Abby Creek Art said...

Such a cool frog, Becca! I love that.

And that Merrill Markoe book is great...it had me laughing so hard at times. She does great dog speak!


THANK YOU for posting that link. That calendar is just what I need. I'm actuallly really excited about it!!

And I love love love that frog! Do you sell prints of it?

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the comments ladies.

Christine... nope the original frog photograph is from an on-line stock source and the reuse rights would not allow the selling of prints even though it has been greatly modified.
Mr. Froggy is just for fun.