Thursday, September 20, 2007

Meeting with an old Pal

Today I met with an old photographer pal. Kris Hundt was part of an artist's networking group I belonged to back in the 90's. The group was really more of a support group for Dallas creatives struggling to make a living with their art. We had all read the The Artist's Way and the group was structured around Julia Cameron's writing. Today Kris is just ridiculously successful and shoots stunning photos of the famous and not so famous among us. It was fun to meet up and share resources and ideas.

Kris is never afraid to put herself out there. She has a fun little promo clip over at You Tube. Check it out below:

Kris probably does not realize it but she is partially responsible for the creation of Art Paw. It was one of her photographs of my dog Atticus that inspired me to play around in Photoshop 9 years ago. Thanks again Kris!

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Kathy Weller said...

Great story!1 Kris's work is awesome.