Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wrestling Octopus Mosaic

"Wrestle This Sucker"

Today I went and picked up a few of my recent mosaic pieces that I was having framed. This one is called "Wrestle This Sucker". In researching Octopus for my first glass mosaic project I discovered that young men use to wrestle octopus back in the 60's. I found this quite shocking and a little sad. I know that these cephalopods look like slimy monsters however once you start reading about octopus you sort of get attached to them. Below is a detail of a photo collaged under my glass that shows 3 men holding a defeated Octopus. Of course the huge tentacles holding the yellowed photo indicate a much larger Octopus reflecting on maybe a loved one lost or something. I dunno, it is a decorative piece without too much deep meaning. The collaged text that you can read has words like predator and human and so on. I really had fun with this one. It was my 2nd piece, and it measures 12 x 12. It is framed in a brushed aluminum.

My addiction to mosaic work started with a simple class that I took a few months ago at The Dallas Creative Arts Center. Most major cities have some sort of arts center or community college that offer a wide variety of classes to spark your creativity. It is hard to set aside the time for a class but once you do you can regain a deeper sense of self, and taking care of that self.

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Kathy Weller said...

I love your octopus mosaic! It's lovely and also powerful in the sadness too. Poor little octopus.

I checked out your friend's pphoto site. Wonderful work!!