Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Fall Morning With 3 Scottie Dogs

Playful chasing tease,
Sweet winds stirring up the leaves,
Games with clever trees
Elusive prey earthward bound
Vanquished foes end in crunches
- Dan Collins

An early morning walk with the Scotties revealed that fall is here. Pixel enjoys chasing the leaves as the wind stirs them up on the pavement. Last year Dan wrote the poem above about her antics. This morning I created the quick wacom sketch of Pixel and her foes. I grabbed the leaf below on my walk and scanned it when I returned from our walk. The change in season really makes me want to slow down, doodle, bake, take photos, and in general recharge my battery. I have to do those things in small stolen moments. Like the rest of the country we are in full holiday mode, the next 2 months will be very full.


idgie said...

what a beautiful sketch. i love how it looks kind of like an illustration in a vintage book, and how only the leaves have much color. you are very talented! (even if talent is overrated - nice to have it!)

Rebecca said...

Thanks Idgie!

Abby Creek Art said...

Love your sketch, are a woman of many talents! Dan is quite the poet too.:)

Moira said...

Darling! I think it has a Japanese-y Zen feel to it. Simple and elegant.

Also, wanted to let you know I featured your Dalmation Christmas card on my blog on Friday as one of my favorites.

Kathy Weller said...

nice work, on both the beautiful artwork and the lovely poem!!