Thursday, April 09, 2009

3 New Pet Portrait Projects

"Enga, Jasmine, Lily & Shara" ( see all proofs)
The project above was challenging because multiple pet projects are always tough when it comes to composition and squeezing everyone on to the canvas. In this case we had 2 Shepherds that were no longer with us with grainy low quality photos. The 2 labs are the current pups and their high resolution pics were great to work with. I used the frame as a device to separate the 2 groups.
In some ways it might have made more sense to put the current pups in the front and the Shepherds in the back however in terms of composition their poses were perfect for front placement. I was also told that Enga was a super special soul-dog and so leading with her to the left made a lot of sense.


Project for baby nursery ( see all proofs)

This project was a lot of fun and again challenging in that I had 3 subjects to work in and my directions were to consider a jungle or safari theme for a baby nursery. I have been lucky to be able to do quite a few dog art projects for baby rooms and I always enjoy them.


"Starr" ( see all proofs )

Last but not least is little Starr. This adorable mini Dachshund was just too cute riding on the dash board. I had just used Vincent's Starry Night in the 4-dog project above so it was on my mind and I decided it might be fun to incorporate a darkened version behind the glass. Vincent is seen in the rear view mirror. I also showed a version with the current scene and one with clouds.


Manon Doyle said...

Fantastic portraits Rebecca! I love them all but I have to tell you that the one of Starr on the dash board cracked me up!!!

Tracye said...

All fabulous as usual! I would just make one suggestion (hope you don't mind), I would paint out the cord in Starr's portrait. It is a little distracting and leads my eye out of the picture.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
oh i love them! wow!

you combined all of the dogs so creatively!

i love that vincent is in the rear view mirror.

perfect rebecca!



These are great! I'm looking at them veeeery early in the morning and all the great colors are better than coffee to make me want to start my day!!

I absolutely LOVE the three pups in the jungle. (I hope they chose that one!)

Have a great weekend!

Patti Meador said...

OMG...LOVE the Scotty!!