Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Kitty Cat Portrait

"Maya and Sidda" ( see all proofs)  
© 2010 rebecca collins /
In the original photo above you will see that Maya to our left is missing some ear tips. I used both the clone tool and the paint & smudge tool to correct that. These two lounging felines were a lot of fun to play with. I also opened up that eye to our far left. The eyes in this original photograph were actually pretty great. Kitty eyes are so hard to capture because they are so large, flash photography will often leave you with glowing yellow orbs.  I always tell people to try to shoot without flash and just flood the room with natural light.  This original photo had minor challenges and all in all was a very high quality image to work with.  This project is ready to be picked up however it is such a rainy icky day I think I will encourage my client to pick up on Friday.


Diane said...

Rebecca, This is absolutely STUNNING! I am such an admirer of your work. I love everything you create. The cats are just fabulous!
I just became a facebook fan too.

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Diane! And thanks for fanning us at FB... yay. We are just now starting to play around over there. I think next week we will be featuring kitty cats as our subject of the week.