Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Drawing Game

So this weekend we went to see Alice in Wonderland ... yes it was fab, we arrived at the theater a little too early, like 45 minutes too early. We did not have time to really go anywhere and get back in time for the movie so we sat in the car on a sunny spring afternoon. I was with my husband and he is an artist too so I grabbed the sketch book out of the backseat and said lets play a game where we take turns sketching whatever the other person tells us to draw.  Each person had 5 minutes to sketch out whatever they were told to draw. After sketching each other, the cars in the lot and the theater itself we got bored and decided to come up with imaginative fantasy prompts. His first silly prompt for me was a turtle riding on the back of a giraffe. If you look closely you will see I gave him goggles. These are pretty fast sketches and all we had to work with was a dumb mechanical pencil, so please don't judge our drawing abilities too harshly.  This looks a lot like something I would have done when I was 10 years old.

I told him to draw a monkey parachuting from the sky to some target that he chooses... he chose the Chrysler building in New York.

 Then the last sketch I did before we went in to the movie was a drawing of my fantasy church that I want to buy to convert into a gallery and artist studio. If you look to the bottom right you will see a Scottie behind a fence.  I really do have a fantasy about having an old church with tons of space and classrooms that could be converted into art labs, I looked on-line and found some cool places for sale... the best ones were out of our price range.  Neither Dan or I are overly religious, and yet there is something very appealing about the idea of converting a church into an art studio ... either that or an old fire station might be quite nice to live in.

Anyway ... if you ever need to kill an hour while waiting someplace you might try the drawing game ... the prompts are fun to come up with.


AutumnLeaves said...

Gosh, Rebecca! What a fun game and cool idea! This would work well with kids in the car too, I think. Surely stretch their creativity, always a plus. Love the goggles on the turtle. I'd love to live in a renovated church building (or old school building) myself. Never have even looked for one though. I could never afford it.

Rebecca Collins said...

Sherry you would be surprised at what is out there in small towns. I looked on-line and church property is pretty cheap and can be as low as $50 a square foot. Of course the real money comes in when you go to fix it up they way you need it for art & life. I found churches as low as 120K and as high as 3 million. It is fun to dream. You either need to be loaded to undertake a huge renovation project or young and able to do a lot of the work yourself. We could have done this kind of project in our 30's, of course we did not have the money back then.