Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finding Art Inspiration At You Tube

Use You Tube's Play List Feature:
I have had a youtube account since 07. In the last few years I have uploaded a few promo videos and also favorited a couple dozen videos and subscribed to 43 channels.  Last night I was looking for interesting artist videos and found so many I decided to use the "create playlist" feature to organize my favorites.

By creating a playlist I do not have to weed through my favorites that might contain singing dogs and cute kittens doing silly things in order to find the cool artist videos that I may want to revisit or share with friends. I can also easily post my playlist link right here and share that play list with you.

Who I discovered:
I discovered a huge variety of artists with interesting videos. The people and the art at Youtube is widely diverse, from cute and perky Claudine Hellmuth, to the crusty old street wise Mosaic Man in New York.

I'll post a few video embeds below, but be sure and check out my entire Visual Artist Playlist over at youtube.

Tomorrow I will post a couple more videos and I want to talk about "talking about"  your artwork. Enjoy the clips!


Kerri said...

i can get lost on youtube for hours and hours!

Rebecca Collins said...

I know. I love it.

Manon Doyle said...

I also love youtube!! So many great tutorials, fun pet videos and so on!!