Friday, March 25, 2011

High Volume Pet Portrait Studio

Yipes ... did that blog title get your attention? To say that Art Paw is a high volume pet portrait studio sounds like I am bragging, but the reality of it keeps me awake sometimes at night. I woke up feeling very overwhelmed. I have a fun family weekend ahead and I'm feeling very bad because I have work undone. The reality is if you are running a successful business of any kind you will always have work undone. To be totally caught up and waiting on new orders is not really where you want to be in life although I do think I will reach that mythical place some day.

So to face the day I had to get my head around just how many people are waiting on pet portrait proofs and thought I would share next week's adorable doggy line up with you.  If you are one of these folks waiting on proofs please sit tight, I am working as fast as I can and still trying to maintain a slow enough pace to do the quality of work that I want to do.  I love all of these guys and do not want to rush through anybody's artwork. When you factor in stretching, shipping and client e-mails every project takes a minimum of 4 hours each and some projects can take days depending on the original photo quality and any needed changes.

Projects that I will be starting on very soon are shown below.  As you can see most of the pics have been cleaned up, backgrounds erased and photos optimized ( thanks Lola ).
The clients that have been proofed so far this month are shown below. Most have shipped however a few have been sent into design revisions.  It looks like I may average around 20 pet portrait projects this month. That is very good, a slower month may look more like 12 or 15. 


ivana said...

well done rebecca! way to go, i'm not surprised you're busy, your work is so original

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Ivana!