Thursday, May 12, 2011

Buddy The Boxer

© rebecca collins /

© rebecca collins /

This is Buddy. He is one of about 3 projects I am going to try to get proofed by tomorrow. I love this guy. His owner said he always looked a little sad, but he was a real clown and a very happy boy. The original photo here was pretty good with some nice detail. When I carved away the  body to focus on just Buddy's head and face it became very clear that one ear was hidden. I borrowed his ear to our right and copied it, flipped it and warped it into place.  Photoshop cs5 has a new tool called "puppet warp" and it is amazing and allows me to do some pretty cool stuff when it comes to perking up ears.  I always say that ears are so important when reading a pup's mood, and I like them to show well in the pet portraits I do.  Stay tuned for more artwork samples on the blog soon.


cartor said...

All of the proofs turned out great, but these two happened to be my favorite too! Great job!

LailaSmith01 said...

ooh... How cute is that dog... Dog Crates

Naga said...

look like very tough dog but still look cute...