Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jasper & Josie Pet Portraits

"Josie" ( see all proofs)
© rebecca collins / artpaw.com

"Jasper" ( see all proofs)
© rebecca collins / artpaw.com

These two cutie pies shipped last week to North Carolina. They are one of 2 anniversary present commissions I have had in-house this last month.  I just adore Josie's blue eye and Jasper's sweet expression totally melted my heart.  I really enjoy working with men on special projects for their wives and girlfriends. Guys are great to work with because when they do need design changes they are very good and quick at communicating those needs without a lot of fuss. They are also usually very kind to my ego and always let me know what they do love about the artwork. Lets face it, if a guy is sweet enough to order a pet portrait for their lady they are usually going to be a pleasure to work with. Men may be tough as nails in their workplace, but they are usually very friendly and nice to me when we collaborate on their pet projects.  I do love my job.

The week ahead ....
 We are getting very busy here at Art Paw and I am spending the entire day answering e-mails and organizing new orders.  If you placed an order within the last few days you will be sent an e-mail very soon with an expected proofing date. Stay tuned for more pet portraits on the blog soon.

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cbmosaics said...

Oh these are so beautiful, Rebecca! I adore the complimentary colors. The dogs are so sweet, great models to work with. Love the blue eye, too!