Monday, June 20, 2011

Mosaic Monday / Scale baby Scale

Scale is such an impressive thing in art. This weekend we organized and cleaned out the garage. Dan spent a good amount of time un-stretching and rolling up some really huge paintings he did in college. I fell in love with several of them and wanted to hang a few however most are just way too large for any wall in our little bungalow. Yea, I am married to a tall painter that likes to paint really big.  I am drawn to larger works but have not had the courage to really tackle a huge mosaic yet.   

When I see large scale mosaics I am just blown away.

I have been meaning to share a cool site with you and a post I saw today fits right in with the subject of scale.  Check out  The mosaic below is by Spanish artist Josep Renau and it is made up of square tiles. I am usually not a fan of mosaics with perfectly shaped tiles all in the same size, but this work is just amazing.

If that piece does not impress maybe you will like the image below of a 10 story tall mosaic.

Ok so if you are a mosaic artist viewing this and thinking like I am well, "yea scale is cool but this is way out of my world of possibility" then please check out the work below by Barbara Keith. It is also very much out of my league but at 5 feet by 13 feet it is the sort of large scale mosaic that I can almost get my tiny brain around. She worked it in panels and that makes a lot of sense to me.
©2011  Barbara Benson Keith
You can read more, see wips and close ups of this outstanding large scale mosaic mural on Barbara's blogWay to go Barb! This piece is a real masterpiece and a work that will raise the bar for all mosaic artists.  I really love the way the panels vary in size, the subtle colors, the great use of contrast ... I just love everything about this work.


Barbara Benson Keith said...

Thanks a lot for including me in your blog, Rebecca. I'm very flattered! :)

By the way, I have several horizontal flowing lines in this piece that are very, very subtle, but help tie the piece together. Very evident to see it large, but they get lost a little on a computer screen sized image.

Have a great week, Rebecca!

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Barbara. I am a huge fan of all of your art and your newest project really has me thinking about scale in my own work. I do wish I could see your mural in person. Very impressive! I have clicked to enlarge, but you are right nothing beats standing in front of a large scale artwork and letting it pull you in.

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