Sunday, February 26, 2012

Me And My Shadow

Pet Photo Prompt: Get outside this weekend and photograph yourself and your pup's shadows. It is easy and fun, you just need some late afternoon sunshine.

Last week I went to  the lake with Whitman and tried to get some good shots of him. I got down on the ground and tried to get some nice up close shots of his face, but he kept looking away. I let go of my expectations and let him just walk, that is all he wanted anyway. In letting go of what I wanted I found some great shadows waiting to be captured.

Me and My Shadow
© rebecca collins /

"Circles & Shadows"
© rebecca collins /

 Yesterday I was checking out the terrific new blog make-over at Dog Art Today and noticed that Moira has a shadow dog portrait of her and Darby. Her lovely shadow portrait was painfully poignant since her sweet boy passed away this year. 
Dear readers, get outside with your pups this weekend and shoot some pics, take some photos then take some more.

Darby & Moira
© Moira Mclaughlin

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