Monday, March 05, 2012

Mosaic Monday: My Glass Shed

 Art Shed Makeover: Phase 1
Last Friday Lola and I got started on organizing my glass supply shed. Over the winter it has become a storage dumping ground and it was hard to get in there to find any sort of supplies. I enjoyed sorting glass and working on my own Saturday  putting things in order. Sunday my knight in shining armor showed up with power tools in hand to create a storage loft, and glass divider shelves, thanks Dan! We still have a lot more shelving to install and more sorting to do, however it is starting to look like a real mosaic studio.

Dan, installing shelf dividers
Storage loft, and hardware center below
The left side of shed is a wall of storage for stained glass and tile. I have a small work table for mosaics up front, and the right side of the shed will be organized for painting supplies, and print making supplies. We have an old small press that we plan to dust off this summer so we can do a few block prints.

I have a lot of tiny jars for beads and millie fiore, they will eventually be stored on tight shallow shelves that we are going to install in between the shed's support beams. I think it will create a lovely wall of color-candy.

We have about 4 lovely months here in Texas when we can actually work out in the shed-studio in comfort. After July, even with the air running it will be a bit hot and stuffy. I will post more photos soon once we finish our shelving work.

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