Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beach Tips For Dogs

We had so much fun at the beach with our 3 Terriers. Whitman has been much more calm and gentle since we returned. He and Ajax really bonded on this trip.
Whitman at Galveston Beach
Ajax at Galveston Beach

So here are my Top 5 Tips for traveling to the beach with your dogs:

It is easy for these guys to dehydrate quickly in the sun and sea. Do not count on them to drink enough enough water on their own. Take some wet food and at night when you settle in after their regular meal take 1 teaspoon of wet food and mix it into a small bowl of water. They will lap it up and get the much needed water they will need to stay healthy.

• Keep your Salty dogs rinsed cleaned! Terriers with long beards may be adding salt to their drinking water. Of course you will want to rinse off your pup's paws each time after they play at the beach, but be sure and also rinse the beards and keep their water bowl fresh and clean.

•  Take your pups to the water in the early morning and late afternoon, avoiding the hottest part of the day is a good idea for the four legged set and the beach is less crowded at those times.

Do not force your pup to swim if they are afraid, let them figure it out at their own pace. Pickle never really wanted to get into the water, but she loved chasing after the birds.

Bring scissors and brushes with you. Every time we have been to the beach our guys have gotten loads of stickers that have to be brushed or cut out.

Pickle with stickers in beard

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