Friday, June 08, 2012

Flash Back Friday/ Vintage Creative Toys

Lately I have been feeling just a wee bit out of sorts creatively. I have not really been wanting to do mosaics at night and when I am not at my desk working on pet portraits I feel ... well sort of bored. Boredom is not something I usually have much time for in life, or much patience for. Had lunch with a good friend last week and she was telling me a story about a kid in her world getting their hands on a vintage spirograph kit. That conversation got me thinking about all of the cool creative toys we played with as kids.

This post is for summer fun and all the groovy things we did to beat boredom as children....
pic from Robert Donovan Flickr
pic by Ariane Colenbrander
Creepy Crawlers

from : Treasures From Paul's Basement  
Lite Brite
from Crysti
From Scott Beale
Etch A Sketch ... lol ... a precursor to my wacom tablet

From tea drinker
Silly Putty ... our first image transfer tool
from jagrap

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