Thursday, December 05, 2013

Doggy Spas

Around here we have 3 main priorities and they are dogs, books and art. Art is our strongest passion and as much a way of life as an object or activity. Books are an indulgence, a collection and I think on some archaic mental level our wealth. In college we had stacks of vinyl records and stacks of books, we drug them from place to place and they really were our most valued possessions. We have managed to let go of our records, but we are still very attached to our books.

And yes, dogs ... our dogs are truly family around here, not a passion, a hobby or collection, although we have been collecting many memories and urns over the years. Last week I shared pics of dream art studios that I found on-line. Late last night I was digging around Houzz to get ides on the perfect doggy washing sink to have designed into our new laundry room. We are in the very early stages of planning a home renovation that will happen in 2014.  Today I will share a few of those dream doggy baths with you guys.  My favorite sink is probably way out of our budget, it is a terrazzo mop sink.

Modern Laundry Room

Ok at 350 lbs and $800 this cool terrazzo mop sink is my favorite  ... what a great doggy wash station. I am sure our builder will come up  with a lower cost solution that will not be an engineering feat to install.

Traditional Laundry Room by Norwich Architects & Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC

I love the tiled bath above ...perfect for medium large dogs. It even has a little ledge you can sit on while you bath your dog.  We like standing at a sink since we have little dogs. I am afraid if we built a bath area like this the universe might throw a Great Dane at us, and we do not need a large dog.

Contemporary Laundry Room by Carmel Design-Build Firms Case Design & Remodeling Indy

This was my 2nd favorite doggy sink and it looks very practical and more affordable than my first choice.  Love the colors in this cute green laundry room.


Another great tiled bath for larger dogs.

I thought this was a cute pic with doggies waiting for their bath. I have no idea who the artist is.

Spaces by La Vista Kitchen & Bath Designers McKean's Floor to Ceiling

Ok this last one just cracked me up .... the gate says ... no escape from the bath!

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