Thursday, January 16, 2014

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New year and so I am trying new things, or at least new to me. I finally got around to playing around on Instagram a wee bit this month. It is really a fun and focused way to share photos. Tagging allows me to find and connect with other Scottie fanatics. A long time ago I was really addicted to Flickr and made a lot of pals over there. More and more we spend so much of our time on facebook.  Many of my old Flickr pals now connect with me on FB more than on Flickr. 

I can see why Instagram is so popular, it is all about the quick and easy phone ap. With Flickr we generally would optimize and crop our photo images then upload, then write something about the image. It was all very time consuming. Instagram is super fast and easy and fun.

I plan to use it to post behind the scenes Art Paw studio stuff, my doggies, and of course travel shots.

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