Friday, January 31, 2014

Raining English Bulldogs

Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Bulldogs!

Here at the end of the month it seems be raining English Bulldogs and you will not find me complaining about that. I love working on this wonderful breed.

Notice in this first sample of Lulla Bell how her eyes droop just wee bit in the original photo. That is a normal thing with Basset Hounds and many other pups like the Bulldogs as they age. As an artist I always want to flatter my subjects without totally altering any normal breed characteristics. In this case I used the liquify tool to slightly reduce that droop just a tiny bit without eliminating it. Then I added in a white highlight for sparkle.  If you compare the eyes in all of these before and after shots I think you will find that each pup ended up with a little more brightness and twinkle in their digital paintings.

"Lulla Bell"
© rebecca collins /
© rebecca collins /
© rebecca collins /
"Ashley's Pup"
© rebecca collins /

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