Thursday, February 12, 2015

Unexpected Beauty

Some of you guys that follow the blog know that for the last 6 months we have been undergoing a major renovation and addition to our tiny East Dallas bungalow.  We have been living with a big tree house in our back yard ... very big.

Sometimes it has felt like there is this giant war zone of construction mess happening in my backyard, and yet sometimes the rawness of it all and the different stages are just so very beautiful.

Today my breath was taken away by the beauty of these tree shadows hiding behind a plastic sheet they recently placed over this window opening.
Tree Shadows

When I saw this unexpected beauty as I was going out to my mosaic shed today I was reminded that I need to try to enjoy the waiting a little bit longer and to enjoy each stage. This weekend if it is nice we plan to have a picnic in the upstairs studio on Valentine's day. The natural lighting is so pretty up there on a nice day, and soon our open air tree house is going to be closed up.

Below I will post a few more pics and below that a quick video slideshow for those that want to see more.
I do not know why but I love this shot

Sunlight falling on wires

Sometimes I can not believe it is real ... upstairs is my future studio

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