Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dog Museum

On the way back from Austin last week we stopped into the best antique mall on the planet. I had been there once before a few years ago. It is one of those large metal buildings with different booths set up inside. The coolest area of the mall is at the very back where the owner has set up her own private collection of doggy antiques and created a huge museum style display. I shot enough pics for a week's worth of posts so if you like antique dog-stuff check back in on the blog next week.

Below is an odd contraption that made me think of Hannibal Lector. It was quite scary looking until I realized it was some sort of mold. Everything was shot through glass display cases so please forgive the glare.

The one piece I wish was for sale is the Scottie Dog heater shown below. I don't think you will be seeing this on ebay!

In my next post I'll tell you the gossip on how this gal came into the bulk of her collection, it involves a movie star's aunt. Ha, what a cliff hanger.

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