Saturday, June 17, 2006

More about Interpolation

According to Wikipedia: "In the mathematical subfield of numerical analysis, interpolation is a method of constructing new data points from a discrete set of known data points". Interpolation is a word that many of us in the design community have started throwing around to explain what happens when we enlarge an image and ask the computer to fill in data from thin air. In searching the web and trying to get a handle on just how to explain the process of digital enlargement I came across a great page that does a much better job than I can so check out There are also many tutorials on-line for aspiring digital artists that are trying to tackle the challenge of low res. images.

More about Tiger ... the kitty from a few days ago. Tiger's human was thrilled with his portrait gift and now the gift giver will be doing her gang next. She was a good sport and reshot Tiger for us with her camera phone. Her very first image submitted of Tiger was stunning for web viewing so I will post it here. The actual image size is 116 pixels by 116 pixels ( around 1.6 inches by 1.6 inches)

Click on Tiger to see what happens when we enlarged the image to the size needed for our portrait. You can see from the enlarged sample just how important it is to try and learn about your camera so you can shoot at the highest file size and highest quality setting. There is a vast difference between what looks great on a monitor and what looks great in print. After a new image was submitted Tiger did end up looking great in print and we were very happy that we had the opportunity to play with this handsome kitty boy.

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