Thursday, June 01, 2006

Worker Bee or Fly?

The found image above is either a bee or a fly. I am not sure which. The pointed abdomen makes me want to bet on it being a bee. I really like the simplicity of this design and the aged quality of the background pattern. In this digital work I combined an unaltered line art image with one of my existing background patterns. I changed the hue on the ornate pattern and enlarged just the section I needed to create a very symmetrical and simple composition.

If you are interested in learning about a wide variety of animals and finding fun web links take a stroll over to our other blog at Cool Animal Pages. My assistant Allison is having a blast this summer researching different critters and finding fun facts along with unusual links to a wide variety of animals. She is doing a fantastic job with an unusual assortment of web related projects this summer.


mypugsblog said...

Hi Rebecca,

I was visiting your artpaw site yesterday and I really love yuor work. Would you mind if I added a link on my blog? Please come check us out!

Rebecca said...

Yes, feel free to link to any part of our site. You might want to check out also. That is another site we maintain. I will add a link to your blog in our links section at that site.

Derek said...

Just because nobody else has pointed it out:
that's a fly.

2 wings = fly.

The little nubs [like a circle on the end of a stick] just underneath the wings are vestigial wings. They spin around and around really fast and help the fly to know which way is up. They act as super-cool gyroscopes, enabling precision aerobatic manoeuvres. .