Monday, July 10, 2006

New Chihuahua Art

I am currently working on a cute little Chihuahua named Tabasco. This tiny pup is from Sweden and I am finalizing his artwork today with a few tweaks and minor adjustments. Later this week I have a few more painterly works to start on. If you are checking the site for your proof ... stay tuned. I hope to be caught up with all orders by the end of this week, ( crossing fingers ).

Chihuahuas are such cool little dogs. When I was in high school I dated this boy that had a pet Chihuahua that belonged to his Mom. The little guy was sort of nippy and snappy (the dog not the boy). I had never known any other Chihuahuas so I got a bad impression of the breed as a young girl. Later on in the late-eighties while I was managing a doggy biscuit bakery I was fortunate to meet some really cool and very well adjusted Chihuahuas, a few that I totally fell in love with. I learned that they are really very big dogs in tiny packages. I also learned at that time that you can not judge a breed by one dog's behavior. Yea, Chihuahaus are very cool, and probably often misunderstood.

I'm sure Tabasco is probably an angel when he needs to be and a feisty chili pepper when the occasion calls for it. I'm really liking this new piece, and it was fun incorporating the human "paw" in this work. As the owner pointed out the hand does give a real sense of scale for this little pup.

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