Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The "Staff" is growing!

Lots of fun stuff happening around here these days. To begin with we have some new faces this summer. We just hired a very talented photographer named Diane, and her bio and photos will be added to the site soon. One of my best friends has agreed to take over shipping and canvas stretching and she also gave my production room a face lift (see pics in last post). Her name is also Rebecca and she is a very talented artist and jewelry designer. We have been getting to see a lot more of young Teryn, a talented teenager that works with us on Saturdays. The summer has been busy and I am trying to staff up for the crazy Christmas rush that will start in just a few short months. Allison is taking over more and more web related duties and I think she just may be my right arm this holiday season.

And Then They Leave:
We had to say goodbye to Matt earlier this year. He decided to move back home to New Mexico. I gave him a glowing referral however and he landed a great design job with some sort of herbal products company. Art Paw is really just a tiny little studio and home based business so when we loose people it is like loosing family. I am always happy though when "my talented kids" ( ha, everyone under 44 is a kid) move on to pursue their own dreams. My little purple haired Lola has stopped returning home during her college breaks and we miss her too. I have come to realize that Art Paw will always have a constant flow of canines and young artists.

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