Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Pet Portraits today

"Cody & Quincy"
(proof #2)

Zowie ... I have been pushing pixels today ... got a lot of work finalized. Today I proofed a few multi pet orders. I finished Molly & Isabelle, Bear Myah & Hula, and Cody & Quincy.

Cody & Quincy were by far the most difficult as their image was really low in resolution ( like tiny ). This was a memorial project so re-shooting was not an option. I am very happy with their final proofs. These pups had winning smiles so even with the photo-challenge I really enjoyed playing with these two. I hope their human is happy ... I always worry so much on the memorial projects ....I just want them to be perfect.
Cody After (proof#1)

Cody Before (original image enlarged)

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