Saturday, November 04, 2006

What a tiny web we weave

What a small world the web can be. I love it when local portrait clients find me on-line. This morning a very local web connection occurred for me. Passing a familiar neighbor on my morning dog walk we exchanged early morning chit chat and I discovered she is an ebayer, and doll collector. I got her user name and over my morning coffee I checked out her auctions. So you are probably thinking "oh you are talking about some sweet little lady that collects and sells dolls". Well yea, she is a nice gal but I would never call her a "sweet little lady". Her ebay listings are fun and clever exercises in creative writing. What a sense of humor! She has a few Barbies up for auction this week and a little plastic German gal named Lily (she is a real show stopper). Skipper & Midge go to the fair in one photo spread, while her writing for a dark haired pony-tailed Barbie just made me laugh out loud: "I can't tell if she is smiling at me or making fun of me. Maybe she is just remembering someone from her past" ... and she just goes on and on.

If you are an ebayer needing writing inspiration check out this gal's ebay listing today ... her auctions are ending soon. Click here to be amused, and place a bid while you are browsing.

This weekend I challenge you all to put down the mouse and get outside. Talk to your neighbors. Find out if they ebay, you might just get a glimpse inside their "web worlds" where we all get to play and be ourselves.

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Sheila Finkelstein said...

Wow, Becca. How Creative your find is and what a great way she has of presenting the product flaws. She must spend hours and hours on each of her product presentation/descriptions.

Thanks for sharing this artistic find.