Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daphne & Dobie

Today was a very busy day. I finalized 3 portraits and updated 3 clients. I really like the way Daphne & Dobie (above) have turned out. Sometimes clients that are ordering more than one portrait have a tough time visualizing how their pieces will look together so I find it helpful to do a quick design mock up of the pieces hanging. This client had indicated that their artwork would be hanging on a sage green wall. While my version of "sage" may differ from their "sage" and their couch may be brown leather, I think the overall impact of seeing the pieces side by side may help. Doing a mock up takes a little extra time and yet if it helps the client visualize and come to a choice quicker then it is all worthwhile. Ha, and then there is always the chance it will confuse things further .... you just never know.

2/10 : On a side note Daphne and Dobie's humans just picked up their artwork and they were thrilled. Yay ... they are a sweet couple that live in our neighborhood. The artwork is a Valentines present.

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