Wednesday, February 28, 2007

San Antonio City Of Tile and Texture

We are returning home today from a brief 2 -day trip to San Antonio. I went to yet another Photoshop workshop on Monday and this time Dan joined me for a little mini-break. We both brought our cameras and we have been shooting a bit down town. We stayed at the new Drury Inn in the old Alamo Bank building. They have done a terrific job renovating this stunning piece of historic architecture.
Tile and Texture:
San Antonio is such a lovely city. The place is rich in tile, texture and pattern. Everywhere we turned there were rich old buildings with ornate flourishes and layers of history. Everywhere I stepped I saw old tile.

We caught some Warhol at the Mcnay Museum:
It is a traveling show called "Factory Work: Warhol, Wyeth, Basquiat".
One of the most shocking items in the show was a display case that contained a stuffed calico cat and a stuffed dog. Evidently both Jamie Wyeth and Warhol collected discarded taxidermied pets. Wyeth used his as props for still life drawings and paintings, while Warhol seemed to just be into the oddity of the collecting. Andy owned a stuffed Great Dane that once belonged to Cecil B Demille. The stuffed Dane stood guard at the factory and now is on display at the Andy Warhol Museum.

The Mcnay exhibit had a couple of terrific portraits of Andy and his dog Archie by Wyeth. The show was very educational and really gave the viewer a glimpse into the relationships between Warhol and these 2 artists. Evidently "Factory Work" has been traveling for awhile and I found a terrific review of it on-line by Lenny Campello.


Abby Creek Art said...

Sounds like a fantastic exhibit, Rebecca...although the stuffed dog thing makes me go "eeewwww". Taxidermy to me is just like those big murals we talked about! Yikes!

Rebecca said...

Yea the little stuffed dog was a white terrier-mix and he was just too creepy he may come to life and start eating people.

The art was way cool though. I am embarassed to admit that I was not familiar with Jamie Wyeth. He did lots of drawings & studies on cardboard. His work is just stunning.